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General informations
  • Province: zachodniopomorskie
  • County: gryficki
  • Community: Rewal
  • Soletstvo: Rewal
  • Sort Code: 72-344

About Rewal

Town Rewal is the capital of the county Rewal and one of the most popular tourist towns in Poland. The town is situated at the beautiful beaches. The beach is awesome and has picturesque views over the hills and cliffs. Rewal is still improving dynamically and brings more and more attractions every year.
Apart from the beaches tourists will find here many interesting shops, bars, restaurants and cafes.
The tradition of Rewal takes back to XVIII century. First tourists appeared in the town around year 1830. The years went by and Germans created here a kind of SPA. In the twenties the town was one of the most popular directions for East German tourists. Since that time Rewal has been still developing and become the Baltic sea pearl.

Rewal coast attractions


The Beach

Rewal’s beach is one of the most beautiful places of the Polish Coast. It is ideal for sunbathing and great place for walking along the shore from Trzęsacz to Niechorze. The Baltic beach is the main attraction. If there is need the county’s authority prepares the beach before the season. There are many interesting things to do here in Rewal. Walking, fishing, Kite surfing, valleyball, football, Northwalking. In general it’s a wonderful place.


In the western part of Rewal there are great conditions for paragliding. The cliffs are trees free and wonderful sand on the beach assures soft landing. There are many paragliding fans during windy days.


There are great conditions also for Kite surfing and Windsurfing, thanks to wide sandy beaches and west north winds. Every year there are more and more Windsurfing & Kite surfing admirers.

Depka seal

Depka seal is the only wild seal that lives on the Polish coast. She was born in 2004 at the sea station in Hel. While most seals go to Sweden, Depka stayed in Rewal after visiting Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Depka seal


The Terrace

Beautiful place situated in the eastern part of Rewal where you can admire picturesque views. Especially breathtaking during sunsets.

Fisherman’s Cottage

Colourfulf fishing boats are essential on the Rewal beach. Fishermen go fishing in the morning and come back late in the afternoon.


Here you can admire concerts or cabarets. There are many famous stars performing here. In the season there are many interesting things going on here. One of the most popular event is Miss Baltic competition.



Narrow Rail

It is like going back in time. During summer weekends the Rail goes between Gryfice-Trzęsacz- Rewal-Niechorze.

Bicycle roads

It is very popular sport. There are easy and non tiresome bicycle roads in Rewal. Every road has its own colour and leads through Trzęsacz, Pustkowo, Pogorzelice, Rewal i Niechorze.

Lighthouse in Niechorze

A wonderful lighthouse built in 1866 is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Rewal. The lighthouse is a place where there are great views over the sea and coffees nearby. In the nighttime you can see the flashes of light in our houses. The view is owe some.

Lighthouse in Niechorze


The Fishing Museum in Niechorze

It is a unique place where you can see great artifacts connected with fishing culture of Pomerania and Rewal County.

The Fishing museum in Niechorze


The Ruins in Trzęsacz

These ruins are what left from XIV century st. Nicolas Church. Firstly it stood 2km from the share in the centre of the town. During the last 500years the sea took over 2000m of the share and only the south part of the church remained untouched.

The Ruins in Trzęsacz


The Liwia Łuża lake

This lake is not deep lake next to the Baltic sea. It is unique because of its great environment where there are many original birds.

The Liwia Łuża lake


Wolin National Park

It is surely one of the most interesting attractions in Zachodniopomorskie. The Park was created in 1960 in Wolin island. Here you can spot animals and plants that you have never seen before. Have you ever seen the White Eagle? Well here you will. A must see place and great attraction for kids. There are wild boars, roes and European Bisons. It is situated on the Wolin Island, 40km from Rewal.

Wolin National Park


The Gathering of Vikings

If you happen to be here of the beginning of August we recommend visiting Jombsborg which is situated on the Wolin Island. If you can’t find it on the map it’s because in only exists for only one weekend in the year. It is the Vikings Festival. For these two days you can move in time to the dark ages, travel in a real Vikings boat, create coins on your own, make ceramics.

The Gathering of Vikings


Fishing from the beach

For the fishing amateurs we recommend a novelty – Surf casting that is fishing from the beach. In the Baltic you fish breams that way. Coast between Rewal and Niechorze is a great place for fishing. Using the above method you can also get trout, belone, pike.

Fishing from the boats

This method is very good for fishing cods. There are regular journeys mainly from Kołobrzeg. It is mainly up to boat captain or his abilities whether the cod is catched. It’s really great fun!


We recommend spending your free time fiding a horse. In the Rewal area there are several places where you can experience horse riding. We specially recommend the Trzęsacz stud where there is beautiful palace and park.

Tennis courts

For tennis fans we recommended tennis courts situated on Słoneczna street in Rewal.

The Whale’s Park

For the little ones there is just around the corner really nice place called The Whale’s Park.

The Whale’s Park


The Oversea Park of Miniatures and Railroads in Dziwnów.

Here one can see amazing miniatures of polish coast lighthouses in the 1:10 scale and also awesome replicas of trains and locomotives.

The Oversea Park of Miniatures and Railroads in Dziwnów.


The Park of Miniature Lighthouses in Niechorze

When being at the seaside one can’t miss the Miniature Park of Lighthouses in Niechorze. It takes 45 mins to see everything starting from Krynica Morska and ending at Niechorze.

The Park of Miniature Lighthouses in Niechorze