You are obliged to obtain these all set rules and to obtain Environmental Protection, Fire & Safety. Before you rent please read the following rules & instructions:


Reservation & payment of the deposit will be your acceptation of the above rules


The contract of rental will be set when reservation and payment will be made that is 30% of your stay


The rest of payment can be paid by bank transfer (it should be paid on the owner’s account before the arrival) or by cash on the day of arrival


Reservation made via telephone or email need to be confirmed by payment on the owner’s account. There are 3 days for paying the deposit. Lack of payment will be followed by deleting the reservation


Making reservation, you agree for authorization of your data, according to law regulations. Your data will only be used by the Domki Albatros crew during your stay


At the day of arrival 200zł deposit will be taken and refunded at leaving day after checking the cottage


In the case of total resignation your deposit will not be refunded


If there is urgent need of changing the date of your stay, it is possible to make (after earlier arrangements) without losing the deposit


24 hours stay starts from 3pm at the day of arrival and finishes at 10am at the day of leaving


If the time of arrival is different than the time above, you need to inform the owner in advance


If you need to change the time of arrival or to meet with the owner or in any other case, you need to inform the owner in advance


You are obliged to pay the whole amount for the rental at the day of arrival the latest, even if your stay has been shortened not of the grounds of the owner


Children can only be under adults’ assistance


In the case of bigger amount of people (in the cottage)than the one declared before, the owner have right to break the contract without paying back the deposit


Check-in and check-out takes place in the house


In the case of shortening your stay of your own reasons, whole payment will be non refundable


Price doesn’t include insurance. You use our services on your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harmlessness, goods damage, health problems or burglary. However there is 24hrs CCTV monitoring for the safety reasons


If you wish to have insurance please provide it on your own grounds


Before checking in you ought to check the condition and the equipment of the cottage as your signature will confirm that everything is ok


If there are any complaints as to condition of the cottage please inform the owner as soon as possible


The owner takes into account any damage or faults as the cause of coincidence


There are 5 hrs from the time you receive the keys to get acknowledged with the condition of the cottage


If you do not have any concerns that will be perceived as perfectly fine


Smoking is strictly forbidden in the cottage


In the case of not obeying the rules and disturbing or distracting other tourists the owner have the right to break the contract without refunding any payments


You are financially responsible for all damaged goods during your stay. Any damages will be repaired on your account


There is one parking space per one cottage (included in the price). It is only possible to park your car at this particular parking space


If there is need of calling the Police (because of your behavior, between 10pm-7am) and it have its reasons , the owner have the right to break the contract without any payment refunds


As there are wooden cottages it is strictly forbidden to use any kind of electric or gas equipment that is not in the equipment


You are not authorized to mend or change anything in the cottage. If there is need to make one please inform the owner as soon as possible


You are obliged to leave the place untouched on the check-out. If it’s not you may lose your deposit on the account of reparation


It is highly forbidden to take any flammable and explosives into the cottage


Transport is not included in the contract


Making fire or barbecue is only possible in the places designed for it according to health & safety rules


It is possible to keep animals however under special conditions:

  • The owner needs to be informed
  • The animal is not a threat and does not disturb other tourists
  • It is unacceptable to keep dangerous breed dogs
  • It is the animal owner’s responsibility for any damages made by their animal
  • Final decisions as to staying the animal in the cottage will be made individually


The owner is not taking responsibility for any damages (which are not his fault) such as TV, WIFI, electricity or water


TAX is included in the price


The Polish law set rules how to solve any arguments between the owner and tourists. All arguments, if any, will be solved either by consensus or by the High Court


In any other cases the Civil Codex will be taken into consideration